Elsa Stomach Virus

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Elsa Stomach Virus
Queen Elsa is not feeling very well today! She woke up with a terrible stomachache, but she refused to call the doctor hoping that Princess Anna’s magical herbs will help her feel better. During the day the pain started feeling even worse and she finally decided to call her a doctor for some personal attention! So it’s about time for you ladies to join the beautiful Snow Queen in getting the ‘Elsa’s Stomach Virus’ game started! As her personal doctor you girls will have to run a brief medical examination to determine the cause of her stomach pain and in order to do that you’ll have to use the right machine which will let you have a closer look to her stomach. Oh no… looks like there are some virus playing inside Elsa’s stomach! These little ones are the main cause of that terrible pain and in order to get rid of them you’ll have to perform a short surgery. Put Queen Elsa under anesthesia and then do the surgery by following a few step-by-step instructions you can find in our fun Frozen Doctor game. Great job, ladies! Now that she’s feeling better, why don’t you help her prepare to attend Princess Anna’s engagement party looking simply stunning? On the next page of our amazing game, you girls can dress up our beautiful Frozen Queen in an elegant dress of your choice, you can accessorize your selection with statement jewelries, a new hairstyle and with a stunning make up look as well.
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